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Dear all :
I received many messages since the new year with subjects like :
Why don't you teach for OC ?
Why can't my son/daughter in Y6/Y8/Y9 appear for March Entrance test ?
Why don't you accept more students ?
My son/daughter has 99+ ATAR. Can you hire him/her as teacher?

I am providing a general answer here.
We DO NOT have uni-students as teachers, quite unlike most of our competitors. We consider Uni students or recent Uni grads too young to be compatible with our learning delivery methodology. No offense to anyone, this is how it is at Learnikx.
Siba Sir, with over two decades of academic experience, is our only teacher.
One teacher can only teach a certain number of classes. So we allocate his available bandwidth more efficiently by starting classes from Grade 5. We have no plan to start OC preparation class.
Nearly all our students continue with us term after term - it is rare to see anyone leaving. We also keep maximum 5 students on the Waiting list. So when the class and waiting list are both full for certain grade, we don't allow students from that grade to participate in Entrance test.
-- Mary, Facebook Group Admin


Do the right thing. Get tested.
Selective test is NOT for everyone. Despite the magical success rates claimed by large tutoring businesses, no more than 1 in 5 students who sit for selective test can get into Selective school. This includes partially selective places too.
Selective success needs ALL of the three :
Parental motivation
Child's potential
Knowledge and practice
Tutoring ONLY helps in knowledge building and practice. Without child's potential, tutoring can be counterproductive. Students without potential when put into fast-paced tutoring can become more disengaged, and start hating their studies. This has detrimental effects felt later throughout high school years.
Does your child have the potential? Participate in the free Learnikx cognitive evaluation test to find out.
Free registration is here:

-- Mary, Facebook Group Admin

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