Learnikx Entrance Test

Learnikx is a tutoring center dedicated solely to gifted and talented students. Admission to our paid tutoring programs is highly selective, involving both an entrance test and a mandatory problem-solving interview.
Admission Criteria:
Entrance Test: This rigorous selection test, not merely an assessment, requires a minimum score of 70% for general admission and 80% for Year 6 onwards.
Problem-Solving Interview: Candidates who pass the entrance test will be invited for a problem-solving interview to further assess their suitability.

Test Schedule:
Frequency: The entrance test is conducted four times a year.
Cost: The entrance test is free of charge.

Learning Mode:
All classes following the entrance test are conducted fully online, providing flexibility and convenience while maintaining our high standards of education.

Register Now:
To begin your journey with Learnikx, please register for our entrance test at the bottom of this page.

Overall selection process:
Entrance test is a three-step process. First two steps are elimination rounds.
1. Aptitude test : 70% cutoff for current Y4 & Y5 students; 80% cutoff for Y6, Y7 and Y8 students.
2. Problem solving interview : real-life problem solving (not Mathematics); evaluates multi-dimensional thinking.
3. Parent's interview.

What happens during entrance test ?
Entrance test is a test of intelligence, not a test of knowledge. There won't be any Reading Comprehension or Mathematics in the entrance test. The entrance test is somewhat similar to standardised IQ tests.

What happens after entrance test ? How many students clear the entrance test ?
The results are provided to parents.
6th September, 2023 (F2F): Out of 11 students who attempted the entrance test, only 1 was accepted into tutoring.
6th December, 2023 (F2F): Out of 32 students who attempted the entrance test, only 7 were accepted into tutoring.
6th March, 2024 (F2F): A total 18 students (Y5,Y7) attended the Entrance Test. 2 Y5 students and 2 Y7 received offer to participate in paid tutoring sessions.
5th June, 2024 (F2F): Out of 23 students who attempted the entrance test, only 5 were accepted into tutoring.

Next Entrance Test dates:
- Y5 (2024),  Y7 (2024) : Entrance test for Y5 (2024), Y7 (2024) Term 4 tutoring is scheduled on 4th September, 2024 (Wednesday).
- Y6, Y8, Y9, Y10 (2024) : Micro-batches are full. There will be no more admissions till next notification.

Why Tutoring Entrance Test? Community responds.

All the feedbacks in this website are sourced from our Facebook group, with permission from OP.

"I appreciate the post for speaking out the truth. Not every child (and adult) has academic potential. Not every person has leadership skills, not every person is good with numbers. For children and adults alike it is necessary to become aware of strengths and boundaries, so that correct decision on career path can be taken.
Rather than pushing children to fulfil social status, parents should spend time in understanding potential of child, and then work on next steps. Large gap between child's potential and parent's expectation can have devastating effect on child's career and self-esteem."
-- Rohan Sharma

"Most parents are misguided, or don't have any information about gifted education. Primary schools, both public and private, spends no effort in informing and educating parents on gifted education. Popular big tutoring businesses uses this information vacuum and promises all parents of success in selective. This is an impossible promise.
Mary Woods I truly appreciate the post. It is the child who takes the test, not the tutor. Child's potential is a very important metric to determine future academic success. To keep in mind despite attending same tuition centres and same school, one student can get into JR, while the other will not get a place in any selective school. This is because tutoring is hardly a differentiator, potential/giftedness is the real differentiator."
-- Alistar Cremore

"I appreciate the kind gesture. I reached around 4:00 pm when it was near end of day, but still the test was arranged for my child and I received constructive feedback afterwards. I am very happy after talking with Siba..NO ONE teaches in a group of 6 students, $85 per week for two and half hour, all subjects trial tests included. Keep up the good work. You are very different than the commoditised tutoring businesses."
-- Samrat Gupta

Entrance Test Format

* Aptitude test.
* 20 mins, 30 questions.
* Customised for each grade; based on average age of students corresponding to the grade.
* No specific preparation is required for the test. The test evaluates cognitive abilities and doesn't cover Reading comprehension, Writing or Mathematics.
* The test is BYOD. Please bring a laptop or tablet.
Venue :
Learnikx Education
Suite 1804, 122 Arthur Street, North Sydney

Register for Entrance Test

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