Learnikx Education: Nurturing Gifted Minds

Welcome to Learnikx Education, where exceptional learning meets unparalleled expertise. Founded and led by Siba Sir, a distinguished educator with over 25 years of teaching experience, we offer a unique, small-group tutoring program designed specifically for gifted and talented students.

Our Approach:
At Learnikx, we believe in cultivating not just academic excellence, but also critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our programs focus on high school tutoring (Grades 5-10) and NSW selective exam preparation, with plans to expand into HSC tutoring.

1. Exclusive Learning Environment:
- Small classes of 8-11 students ensure personalized attention
- Strict entrance tests maintain a cohort of highly motivated and capable learners

2. Expert-Led Instruction:
- All classes are taught exclusively by Siba Sir, our founder and only educator
- Benefit from decades of academic expertise and a deep understanding of educational principles

3. Comprehensive Feedback System:
- Weekly trial tests with full working copies, responses, and solutions
- Unmatched in the industry, this detailed feedback loop drives continuous improvement

4. Tailored Curriculum:
- Programs designed to challenge and stimulate gifted minds
- Emphasis on practical application and higher-order thinking skills

5. Proven Track Record:
- Consistently 100% success rates in selective exams and high academic performance in junior high years
- Testimonials from satisfied parents highlight our effective and practical approach

Admission Process:
Entry to Learnikx is highly selective. Prospective students must:
1. Pass a rigorous entrance test (acceptance rate: approximately 20%)
2. Participate in an interview to assess aptitude and compatibility

At Learnikx, we don't just prepare students for exams; we cultivate future leaders and innovative thinkers. Join us in our mission to unlock the full potential of gifted minds.

Ready to embark on an extraordinary learning journey? Register for our free entrance test today and take the first step towards academic excellence!

Note: We do not offer tutoring for students below Grade 5, as we believe younger children benefit more from general educational experiences.

Selective Test 2023 (Y7 2024) outcome : 100% on repeat

Summary :
In the 2023 Selective Test, all 8 of our participating students received offers on the day results were announced. This impressive group included 6 regular students who used Learnikx as their primary or only mode of preparation, and 2 preptive-only candidates who attended other tutoring centres simultaneously. Notably, several of these students also received reserve offers.

Goal for 2024 :
For the 2024 Selective Test, Learnikx has significantly increased its cohort, with 18 students participating. We eagerly await the results and are confident in our continued success.

Selective Test 2022 (Y7 2023) outcome : 100% journey starts

In our first-ever batch, comprising just 3 students, our 100% success brigade achieved outstanding results. Full credit to these dedicated students.
Summary: Cohort of 3 students only.
Normanhurst Boys
Gosford High
Chatswood High selective stream
It would be unwise to calculate a success rate from such a small sample size, but the outcomes speak volumes about the quality and effectiveness of our program.

Fully Online Tutoring for motivated and talented students (Grade 5 - Grade 10)

Learnikx is not an open-to-all tutoring center; it is specifically designed for highly motivated and talented students. Our rigorous selection process ensures that we maintain an environment where excellence thrives.

Strict Entrance Test: To ensure we only accept students who are ready for our challenging curriculum, a minimum score of 70% (80% for Year 6 onwards) in our pre-onboarding entrance test is required.
Detailed Entry Requirements: For a comprehensive understanding of our entry criteria, please refer to our Entrance Test page.

Year 5 - Year 10, for gifted and talented students only

Learnikx Courses

$95 per class of 2.5 hrs

Grade 5 - Selective Preparation

Included : Reading, Writing, Math Reasoning, Thinking Skill
Preptive Trial Tests (all 4 subjects every week) + Labvision AI homework

$95 per class of 2.5 hrs

Grade 6 - Selective Intensive Revision
Non-stop 16 weeks

Included : Preptive Trial Tests.
5 Series i.e. 5x4 = 20 tests PER WEEK
In 16 weeks, 16x20 = 320 tests

$105 per class of 2.5 hrs

Grade 6 (Terms 3-4), Grades 7-10

Included : Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Hsie
Preptive Trial Tests (3-4 tests per week).
Science study materials

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